What is your editing time frame?

For a portrait session, you can expect them in 3 weeks. For weddings, it takes about 90 days to complete!

What is required to book a session?

For weddings, a 50% retainer and a contract is required to secure your date! For portrait sessions, a $100 retainer is required to secure your date. 

Can we add/subtract anything from a package?

You can always add to a package! My goal is to tailor to my clients needs, so a la carte items can be ordered as well. Subtracting from a package depends on each situation, but don’t hesitate to ask!

How many photos can we expect from our day?

It depends! Each session and day is a different experience, from amount of detail and time during your session, etc.

Are you available for travel?

YES. Seriously, mix my two favorite things (photography and traveling) and you’ve got a best friend out of me!

Can we have the unedited (RAW) photos as well?

No. There’s a couple of reasons I don’t offer this! But I’ll give you the reader’s digest of why. First, unedited files are not in .jpeg form like most photos are, which means you’d have to invest in expensive software just to open them! On top of that, a small session can take up to 4GB on your laptop, and trust me, that’s just a nightmare for photos you can’t use. Second, seeing all the photos we took from your day can be overwhelming. Trust me, there’s alot. But because there’s a lot, that usually means there’s duplicates of the same pose, a less flattering pose, better lighting, eyes closed in some, etc. Third, these photos are our life, so trust us, we want to give you the best possible quality of work. We express ourselves and invest so much time in everything we deliver, and RAW photos just don’t show that.